Plastic and Rubber CompoundingC&W has a variety of dust collectors for the plastics and rubber compounding and processing industry, customized to meet the specific needs for each type of product.

The plastics and rubber industry is unique in the chemical industry. There are two broad classifications in the plastics industry: thermoplastic resins produced by addition polymerization processes, and thermosetting resins made by condensation polymerization processes. Thermoplastic resins may be remolded with the addition of heat and thermosetting resins can't.

Our Plastics grade dust collector can handle any kind of dust that is associated with the plastics industry, including: Polyethylene, Pigments, Compounds, Resins,  Rubber, Polymer, and any part of the Extruding process, including PVC.

Dust from processes involving plastics and rubber can have a fibrous content which is a challenge to handle, as the fibers and steamers can get stuck between dimple pleats of conventional cartridge filters - making them very difficult to remove during pulse cleaning and building up pressure drop on filters. To cope with these difficult materials, C&W has an improved cartridge dust collector which uses a pleated bag that lasts longer, cleans easier, and minimizes bridging - due to vertical filter spacing.

By applying the knowledge learned from plastics, cement, rubber, mineral, and other industries over 20 years, C&W knows what works. We can also remove dust, fines, and other light foreign materials from various plastics virgin or regrind streams. We capture dust from different points, including rail car, grinder evacuation, packaging and storage-to-process points along the way. We can provide general and specific dust collection to keep your plant and product clean. Our equipment can handle the small rates required in some molding processes to the highest rates required for large scale molding processes and railcar loading/unloading.

We also engineer combustible-dust mitigation solutions for the plastics and rubber compounding and processing industries. Plastic dust is a combustible material and those operations generating or handling plastic dust can require special mitigation strategies to minimize fire and explosion risks. We can help you understand NFPA standards to ensure you get a safe system for your personnel and equipment. Please check out our Combustible Dust Management page.

Additional plastic industry applications for our products and systems include:

  • Feeding additives, fillers, and other raw materials to extruders
  • Bulk bag unloading
  • Emissions from polyester fiber strands, polyester chips, PTA powders, TiO₂ and carbon black
  • Handling light and fluffy materials without contamination
  • Rationing additives to resins for custom compounding
  • Plastic recycling facilities

C&W can help you with your dust control solutions, contact us for more information.


C&W Environmental Solutions™ manufactures equipment to clean up dust, mist and fume from manufacturing processes.


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