C&W has provided engineered dust collection systems to some of the world's most well-known food brands.Dust control for food processes

We can develop everything from small bin vents to large baghouses, customized to meet the specific needs for each type of food product.

Dust collectors or “material separators” in the food industry keep the product in the process stream through the use of a bin vent collector such as the CP-LPR Series, preventing the loss of valuable ingredients and removing a potential waste stream. The CP-LPR filters represent the latest technology in dust collection and outperform traditional baghouse collectors in a smaller space.

Our sales and engineering personnel will work with you to select the most appropriate, cost-effective and energy efficient technology for your product. The dust collection solutions we provide eliminate the need for working with multiple suppliers.

See some of our common food industry segments:

  • Cereals & snack foods
  • Pet food, pet treat, and fish feed
  • Dairy & nutrition
  • Flavor blends
  • Confectionery & chocolate
  • Beverages & drink mixes
  • Flour, starches & bakery ingredients

See some of our common food industry applications are shown below:

Bulk & Material Handling


  • Packing
  • Silo and bin venting
  • Dough mixer dust control systems
  • Sugar grinding systems
  • Dust systems for the nut industry (peanuts, almonds, pecans, etc.).
  • Flour sifting, storage and mixer transfer systems
  • Corn cleaning systems, receiving, storage, transfer and scaling system
  • Malt, grit and grain handling systems for breweries
  • Corn handling systems for tortilla manufacturing
  • Cornmeal storage and transfer to extrusion
  • Dust systems for green, roasted, and ground coffee

See some of our common food industry products are shown below:

  • Cartridge
  • Binvents
  • Weigh batchers
  • Baghouses
  • Materials – carbon steel to stainless steel food grade with different finishes

C&W can help you with your dust control solutions, contact us for more information.


C&W Environmental Solutions™ manufactures equipment to clean up dust, mist and fume from manufacturing processes.


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