Engineering Services

Dust Control Engineering SolutionsC&W specializes in engineering innovative dust control solutions that provide a clean, contaminant free atmosphere in production facilities of all kinds.

Effective dust control is essential for containing unwanted particulate so that it does not infiltrate the process stream, compromise air quality, or build up on surfaces and create a combustible dust hazard. Our staff of multi-disciplined engineering professionals will analyze your materials, process flow, production environment, and site requirements and then design a system that meets your specific needs now, and into the future.

Our comprehensive services include:

  • engineering survey
  • dust collection audit
  • dust collection system design
  • testing
  • ducting system balancing

We manufacture dust collectors with a diverse range of filtering options.

We design systems for both fugitive dust capture needs, and continuous-duty process operations. 

We also design systems with fire suppression systems and explosion venting packages for hazardous applications.


C&W Environmental Solutions™ manufactures equipment to clean up dust, mist and fume from manufacturing processes.


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