Warning and Protection Systems For Silos and Dust Collectors

  • Anti Overfill System
  • Silo Saver System
  • Silo Saver System
  • Silo Saver System
Anti Overfill SystemSilo Saver SystemSilo Saver SystemSilo Saver System

Warning and Protection Systems For Silos and Dust Collectors

C&W’s anti-overfill system combined with our flow sensor or pressure sensor give the highest level of protection available to your silos and dust collectors.

Using advanced automated technologies not only eliminates the human errors that occasionally occur, but can save time and money.

The key component to having a protection system is the use of pinch valves that are activated to close when a problem is detected. This shuts off the flow of materials to avoid damage and accidents from occurring, while not interfering with the flow of normal operations.

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Protection Systems Anti-overfill
Over pressure
Broken filter media
Features Anti-overfill-control panel, audible/visible alarm, timer, pinch valve. Over pressure-pressure switch, control panel, audible/visible alarm, timer, pinch valve
broken filter media- microwave sensor, control panel, audible/visible alarm, timer, pinch valve
Anti-Overfill Component Existing bin indicator monitors material level and signals when silo is full
Overfill light and horn are activated and pinch valve shuts line down after a preset time, avoiding serious damage or injury.
Pressure Sensor Component Pressure above 1.5 psi can damage your silo and dust collector.
Pressure sensor detects high pressure and shuts the material flow down.
Pressure switch can also send a signal to turn collector on/off
Broken Media Filter Component Broken filters create maintenance disasters and can cause citations to be issued.
Broken filter sensor uses microwave technology to detect damages and possible dangerous situations.
Notes Protection systems also available without pinch valves (warning systems)
Combine these three components to fit your needs.
C&W offers 28 different combination packages to choose from!

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