What is a central dust collector?

What is a central dust collector?

A central dust collector is designed to create a negative pressure at a dust source point and pull the fugitive material into the collector where dust is filtered out of the air stream. Dust is then dropped into the hopper off the unit so it can be placed back into the manufacturing process or disposed of properly.

The main components of a central dust collector:

  • Dirty-air chamber
  • Hopper (to house collected material)
  • Hopper discharge valve
  • Filtration media
  • Negative pressure fan/motor assembly
  • Filtration cleaning mechanism
  • Clean-air chamber
  • Fan exhaust

The components of a central dust collector must be engineered properly so contaminated air flows efficiently into the collector, through the collector and clean air is processed out of the unit into the environment.

Cartridge Pulse Central Dust Collector

New SW Bakery

The CP series offers high-efficiency and top entry with the latest technology in cartridges.

This series can be used where space is limited.

CP also boasts high performance and increased CFM coupled with an advanced cleaning system creating the most efficient cleaning of filter media on the market today.

Bag Pulse Central Dust Collector

BP Jet

The BP Series offers dust control capabilities even in elevated temperature applications.

Advanced bag pulse jet technology, superior filter bags and C&W dependability create a superior dust control system.

The BP Series highlights tool-less media exchange, high cleaning capacity, and top loading of filter media.

Engineered by dust control specialists, the BP Series provides supreme performance and user-friendliness.

Reverse Air Central Dust Collector

The RA series provides an effective way to filter out harmful effects of dust pollution.

The RA series offers proven technology and superior design for your dust control needs.

The RA dust collectors are the most durable collectors available, in addition to using only a small amount (.5 CFM) of compressed air.

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