Jobsite Report: RA-140 & Two LPR-8 Silo Collectors Vulcan Materials

C&W’s supplied Vulcan Material with an RA-140 

The Collector had:

  • 6500 CFM
  • 1433 sq.ft. of total filtration area
  • 10 HP motor
  • Optional 10 HP Auto Recycle System
  • Cambered cabinet wall design increases strength and helps prevent oil-canning

C&W also supplied:

  • Two (2) LPR-8 silo collectors
  • CP-70 weigh batcher collector
  • Stationary shroud
  • 14" Easy-Up ducting

C&W supplied 14" Easy-Up ducting to the shroud. Easy-Up ducting is a premier snap-together duct which eliminates rivets, screws, and time-consuming joining methods.

C&W provided two (2) LPR-8 Silo Rooftop Collectors, each collector features:

  • 356 sq.ft. of filtration area
  • 2340 CFM
  • 99.99% filtration efficiency

The CP-70 weigh scale collector features:

  • 88 sq. ft. of material
  • 432 CFM
  • 99.99% filtration efficiency

Vulcan purchased the optional recycle system with a 3" return line to transfer the collectred material automatically to the Fly Ash silo for re-use.




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