Jobsite Report: BP - 45000 Central Collector for Aggregate Manufacturing Facility

C&W supplied a BP-45,000 which was then compartmentalized into 4 separate units for continuous operation. If preventative maintenance is required, the operators can shut down one comparment without affecting production. Each compartment can handle a maximum of 11,250 CFM. The operation runs 24/7. C&W supplied a custom ducting package for the unit. The ducting was constructed using flange, all welded, and made from carbon steel. C&W supplied a hopper vibratory system. C&W also supplied a high temp Rotary Vane Feeder with "Air Purge" airlocks. 

BP-45,000 Features:

  • The unit offers 10,856 Sq. Ft of Filtration Area
  • Pulse Jet cleaning of bags
  • 576 6" x 144" long bags - Special High Temp Fiberglass Bags
  • High Temperature Operation - 500 degrees F
  • Tool-less filter media exchange for ease of maintenance
  • "Air Purge" kits on airlocks


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